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Service description:

Network is the foundation of all the techniques and skills, in today's Internet application spurt of growth, dependence on network still will continue to the next few years, network technology services will continue to existing enterprise growth and emerging industries to produce the most basic guarantee.We focus on the core network bottleneck problem, and the stability of data exchange, architecture, performance, thus make the enterprise core data get due protection, safe and stable operation is achieved.

●  For network dependence strong, medium-large enterprises (more than 500 people)
●  Long-term existence and without professional team to design and implement of network structure
●  Often on the network location, structure, configuration, strategy and other changes, and network communication, such as safety hidden trouble of enterprise

Scope of Works:
●  IP planning
●  VLAN and policy 
●  IP network design and operation service:To meet the needs of enterprise customers different levels IP network construction, provides the data center, campus network, branches of different scenarios, such as network design.Implementation services through customized solutions, strict laboratory test and expert review team, ensure smooth migration of customer business
●  IP network optimization:Improve enterprise customer IP network availability, to realize the standardization of the network operations and intelligent, help enterprises to enhance the capacity and network operations to improve customer satisfaction
●  Optical network design and implementation servicesAccording to customer needs, provide detailed network structure design, business design and maintenance design, to realize optical network and efficient operation.There have rich experience in optical network delivery, meet the demand of quick deployment network and smooth business migration

Customer value:
Most customers don't want there to be a complex, slow backend systems, because it will slow down the speed of video and other forms of interactive content, although this beautiful and websites are not related, but we see one of the largest child categories.