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Since virtualization demand and since 2010 has been rapid growth, has been the growth and maturation, virtualization products, existing in the advanced market internationally, such as Vmware, Citrix, Microsoft of the first camp;Domestic such as deep convinced, huawei, lenovo is also in the policy under the guidance of virtualization divvied up the domestic market share

BROTIGHT in its inception received several virtualization structure, performance, resources pool, such as customer demand, after project summary, we found that the virtualization in the late into the mature period, most enterprises have operational technology on board, not because of the product itself is technical force problem, focus on technology accumulation can compensate for such users' needs

For the deployment of virtualization (server, desktop) of users, because the long-term use to lower performance and use
Virtualization resources are limited, transverse expansion
Unable to support the business system as a result of the product
Have an additional request for security configuration, such as the IT audit, level protection needs tinkering with virtualization platform security

Virtualization infrastructure:

Mainstream virtualization vendors such as VMWARE, CITRIX, Microsoft Hyper-V, Oracle VM, and other products to build the virtual infrastructure, extensible data center can be converted to aggregate the computer infrastructure.Virtual infrastructure can also act as the foundation of cloud computing.Perfect virtualization architecture is composed of two aspects of software and hardware.
All server vendors for virtualization put forward their own solutions, and is optimized for virtualization architecture, each manufacturer has its own characteristics and selling points.Its physical structure generally consists of four parts: the x86 virtualization server array, IP network, management, storage, network and server and desktop clients.