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Service description:
Virtualization system service: from virtualization resources configuration requirements of the specifications of the definition provided by the virtual machine, from the business service requirements to determine the service virtualization environment, effectiveness, performance, and high availability are essential business continuity technical capabilities.
Virtualization operation maintenance: from the Angle of operation monitoring and IT operational process, determined to ensure the normal operation of the delivery and support effective virtualization resources technical ability.
Virtualization security services: from the perspective of information security guarantee the safety of virtualization resources provided by the technical capacity requirements.

Framework of virtualization management:

Combined with the current operational management process, increase the virtualization management attribute and content:
- incident management
- problem management
- change management
- test environment to the production environment
- configuration management
- patch management

Meters Very important Important No impact
Key system Key system Important system Common system
Direct customer impact Limited customer impact Not directly relevant to the user Internal system
Thereby causing loss to the business
Caused by more than 80% of main business system services, business impact directly
Compliance requirements is higher, if do not conform to the requirements of the compliance, directly impact the business
Thereby causing loss to the business
Caused by more than 40% of main business system services, business impact directly
Reduce the efficiency
This business unit system services, indirectly affect other business
Reduce the efficiency
Only affects a business unit of a single module, and the modules are relatively independent, no impact on the entire business