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Description of monitoring service:

Monitoring is to maintain the infrastructure of the normal operation of each element is the most direct method, and the only one able to efficiently with the help of the information management staff take the initiative to find problems and further explored the effective way.Focus full-time on every element of the connected to the network monitoring, combined with their own events/issue management platform, being able to find fault in the first place, the whole track and summing up filing so that subsequent analysis, in order to your company to provide a safe, stable and manageable infrastructure, make business system normal operation.

Sections of monitoring system:

BROTIGHT monitoring system support for hundreds of manufacturers, application server and network equipment comprehensive monitoring, including servers, network equipment, database, middleware, application, etc.Support to monitor mainstream server hardware level, including the state, the utilization rate of power supply, power, temperature, fan, etc.Through custom monitoring, let users can take advantage of their own development ability development as mountable monitoring private monitor.