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Service description:
User dependence on wireless network has become rigid demand, especially in the parks, scenic area of the wireless network coverage has on economic revenue produced immeasurable effect, open a window for the owners, through access to wireless users achieve advertising and marketing, product promotion, even binding wireless users to do more valuable data collecting, cleaning, mining and analysis, thus to help in decision making, leadership is the main development direction of wireless network in the future.

Application scenarios:
This service pack BROTIGHT experts as a strong backing, help customers to enjoy the advantages of wireless networks.We will assist you to evaluate enterprise use wireless network deployment (upgrade) technical requirements and prepare, provide wireless network deployment (upgrade) detailed steps, to assist you in the test environment to realize the wireless network planning, get rid of the time and place limitations and office and communication at any time, to help you improve the production efficiency.

Statement of works:

●  Demand analysis: according to the understanding of the actual situation, to generate a demand analysis report.
●  Planning: based on the mature discussion, planning scheme, including a variety of technical details and implementation steps.
●  Assist in the test environment
Our advantages:
●  Centralized and unified management of wireless network, operational management and convenient.
●  Wireless network is convenient extension, and support large multi-branch deployment management.
●  7 x24 uninterrupted operation, eliminate single points of failure, provide high availability system.