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1、Really can do it first month free?
Without any additional conditions, all options there customer first month free service charge.
2、The customer can unilaterally terminate the contract at any time
Whether the customer is in the process of service for the sake of what, if you don't want to continue to use our service, you can terminate the contract unilaterally, the safeguard clause in the contract can be signed in business
3、Why choose us?
Brotight provide enterprises with a one-stop price turnkey service products (include PC and peripherals, servers, network).To solve the unknown costs increase in you in daily use.And are committed to quality service to you. One hundred percent of the visualization, quantifiable.All commitment to sign in the commercial contract and ask you to supervise the implementation.
4、the engineer can be replaced if we are not satisfy with?
All assigned engineer can be replaced if you ​not satisfied with.
5、What is your service process
After signed the contract, our engineers will be the first to enter, do a comprehensive check of your IT situation.After the examination will be for you to submit inspection report and archive information collection.According to your different size and service delivery manager to establish service guarantee scheme execution services
6、If I'm not satisfied with your service
If you have any advice for us, you can through the following two ways to feedback results we will give you feedback within 24 hours:1, direct mail feedback to give your service delivery manager interface2, directly contact the company's service quality management 010-57720700 or email to complaint email cs@brotight.com
7、We are a small and medium-sized companies, Brotight have any more value to me
Our position is not only a service provider, you more hope to be a partner of your company.As the degree of dependence on IT.On the physical environment of IT security has become a basic services.There according to the characteristics of your business and the business model to provide you with more suitable for your value-added services.Such as information security;Asset management etc.