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Virtualization server in the local storage challenges:
A single server can accommodate the physical disk space is limited.This means that the administrator can configure system: high capacity, performance, moderate, or high performance and capacity.

Virtual machine running slower and slower:
To deploy virtualized data center for a longer time, generally encountered VM running slower and slower, which in addition to the worries of file system mechanism itself, is more a technical personnel in the operational process and the result of the accumulation during the process of data storage.

For the optimization of data storage:
Everyone should remember that the disk on the local disk fragments can be a problem, but in a SAN environment that is not a problem.Debris generated from file system works.When a file is erased and rewritten, new data will be written to the free space, the space is made up of deleted or change files.This is a normal file operations, but over time, the data tend to spread in the drive, and will be more and more worse.A file is scattered, the drive to find all the files the greater the difficulty, the lower the performance.If it is found that drive performance growth significantly worse over time, then it is necessary to carry out the disk defragmenter, rearrange the file, the file data block become continuous.

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