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Service description: virtualized system Services: define the specifications of the provided virtual machines from the virtualization resource configuration requirements, Determine the high availability, effectiveness, and availability of a virtualized environment that provides services from the perspective of business service requirements. Performance and Business continuity Technology capabilities Virtualization Operation maintenance: identify Technical capabilities Virtualization Security from the Perspective of operational Monitoring and IT Operations and maintenance processes to ensure the delivery and support of effective Virtualization Resources Services: determine the security technical capability requirements to ensure the virtualization resources provided from the perspective of information security.

Virtualization Maintenance Management Structure:

Combined with the current operation and maintenance management process, Add virtualization management attributes and content:
-event management
-problem management
-change management
-release of test environments to production environments
-configuration management
-patch management


Key very important impoortant unimportant
Key Task Key business important business general production
Directly affect customers  Limitedly affect customers Not directly related to customers  Internal system
Cause business loss:80%
Cause business loss:40%
Efficiency reduction
Effectiveness reduction